Spoken Word


1) Event Opener/Closer

Ideal for leadership conferences, seminars, and workshops.

Bernard will kick off your event with inspirational poetry that sets the tone and ignites the participants with excitement for the forthcoming activities. As well, Bernard can act as a closing performer, using the strength of poetry to succinctly sum up and capture the emotion of the preceding event.




2) Event Opener/Closer-Custom

Including pre-event listening and research, Bernard will craft a poetic response customized to speak directly to your audience and address the particular ideas of your event’s purpose.


3) Organizing the Organic



A poet, must consistently take the abstract translate them into an understandable form.

Bernard is very gifted with the ability to synthesize and then organize an abundance of organic ideas into a final and meaningful product. While in attendance he will engage in a three part process that listens to what is being said, captures what is being said, and finally, respond as he identifies and connects patterns of words and ideas that consistently resurfaced throughout the event.






Bernard Hankins can easily nest into your event schedule as either a motivational speaker/performer or as an interactive participant who responds poetically to the themes of your event.

  1. 1 Poem


  1. God’s Hard Drive ( 3 minutes)

  2. The Pursuit of Passion ( 6 minutes)

  3. Earthereal (8 minutes)




Written Word




Ideal for brands, tag lines, and products.


Every company is known by its brand. A brand is nothing more than a name. And name is nothing more than a word. Therefore it is important that a business choose precisely the right words in order to properly present itself to the outside world. Brand/New is ideal for those wanting to find words that precisely and concisely tell people who they are.


Unlocking the language.

 Ideal for mission statements, charters, and doctrines.


Re-vision is for the individual or organization desiring to give a fresh makeover from a poetic perspective to their mission statement or other marketing material.

Metaphor  Mastery

How to Explain Anything.

Ideal for pitches, presentations, interviews, and sermons.


Mastering the use of the metaphor is a tool that will set your organization a part from the rest of crowd.The proper execution of a well crafted metaphor will help to simplify complex concepts as well as assist in conveying  them in an interesting and memorable light. The ability to translate information across  audiences , different fields and languages is a valuable skill that positions the speaker to be a universally effective communicator.