Community Supported Arts

I was one of four final artists selected to participate in the Bridge PAI's (Progressive Arts Initiative) Community Supported Arts Program. We were all awarded a grant to produce 50 "shares" of art that were purchased by "shareholders".


CypherTank is a brainstorming process where the wordplay used in Hip hop is used to develop names for company brands and their products.

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Hip Hop for President

A film project that I co-created and directed about Sean Lewis, a Hip Hop artist who makes a run for the highest office in the land.

Poetry in Motion

As part of the Tom Tom Founder's Festival, a project that I organized where poets performed on the free "trolley" bus as it made its route.


Fjord is a student of mine who I have been coaching in writing and performing Hip Hop for the past couple of years. He has a background in traditional poetry and I have been helping him develop his style as he is seeking to merge the two.

Check out his Soundcloud. 


PitchCraft is a seminar where the idea of "the pitch" is explored from the perspective of an entrepreneur, a poet, a comedian and an actress. Each person explains their take on what it means to captivate a audience.

For more information visit Cypher