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1) Spoken Word  2) Public Speaking                  


Shanna Hoar-Singer/Songwriter

"Bernard is a word genius and one of the most creative individuals I've ever met. He helped me discover my potential as a songwriter and performer and was really able to get me to hone in on how what I have to offer the world is special and worthwhile, and he vanished my crippling self-doubt. As a songwriter, he helped me expand my wordplay abilities and gave me invaluable critiques. I've never been more inspired to write and create as I have been when I was working with Bernard. He's amazing!"

 Richard Montoya

Richard Montoya

Richard Montoya-Visual Artist/Graphic Designer

Bernard has deepened my faith and my very soul in who I am as a visual artist. As one that I seek counsel with, he manages to put my internal and external struggles as an artist into making beautiful order out of it. And for that I am very grateful for him in being a major part of my life.

Fjord-Hip Hop Artist/Poet

"Bernard has helped me develop the skills and confidence to become a competent performer. His positivity and passion for his craft are infectious. He is excellent at rhyming, free association, and wordplay in general, and he has truly helped me go from a casual writer to a more serious performer."