Bernard Hankins

Poet|Teacher|Public Speaker

Bernard Hankins is inspiration trapped inside of a human body. Sometimes that inspiration takes the shape of musician, filmmaker, spoken word poet, creative catalyst, or entrepreneur. At the moment that inspiration has chosen to reside in Charlottesville, VA.  

In 2015, Bernard was voted audience winner of the Charlottesville Tedx Open Mic competition, earning him a speaking spot at the 2015 Charlottesville Tedx conference. Mr Hankins was then given the honor of being asked to be the closing speaker of the entire day's conference.

Bernard grew up in Chesapeake, VA,  and then attended The School of Architecture at The University of Virginia where he used his Hip Hop skills to inform his design projects. In fact, he was voted by his graduating class a to deliver a commencement rap called “The Pursuit of Passion” where he ignited everyone to wholeheartedly do what they love.  Throughout the years Bernard has taught many workshops to adults and children ranging from Hip Hop, poetry,  creativity, identity and more. He has performed at countless open mics and organized many creative events within the city of Charlottesville.  Bernard is not only a creator but also a catalyst who inspires others to create. Currently Mr. Hankins is a co-founder of Cypher, an idea generation and branding consulting venture that uses the power of Hip Hop and word play to help companies generate brand names. He sees his purpose on the planet as threefold: creativity, beauty, and inspiration.


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