Personal Creative Coaching

Shanna Hoar-Singer/Songwriter

"Bernard is a word genius and one of the most creative individuals I've ever met. He helped me discover my potential as a songwriter and performer and was really able to get me to hone in on how what I have to offer the world is special and worthwhile, and he vanished my crippling self-doubt. As a songwriter, he helped me expand my wordplay abilities and gave me invaluable critiques. I've never been more inspired to write and create as I have been when I was working with Bernard. He's amazing!"

Richard Montoya

Richard Montoya

Richard Montoya-Visual Artist/Graphic Designer

Bernard has deepened my faith and my very soul in who I am as a visual artist. As one that I seek counsel with, he manages to put my internal and external struggles as an artist into making beautiful order out of it. And for that I am very grateful for him in being a major part of my life.

Fjord-Hip Hop Artist/Poet

"Bernard has helped me develop the skills and confidence to become a competent performer. His positivity and passion for his craft are infectious. He is excellent at rhyming, free association, and wordplay in general, and he has truly helped me go from a casual writer to a more serious performer."




Bernard is excellent at framing perspectives when attempting to be more creative with the word patterns we use, within our daily lives, at work, or in speeches. The meta programs he uses are amazing. He is creative, focused and genuine in his approaches. Simply phenomenal human being.
-Steven Ortiz

Bernard has helped me brake down the article that I had to write my paper on. We spend about 2 hours on making sure every detail in my paper was correct. Also he has helped me to resolve some of the issue that I had while reading the article because english is not my first language. Thank you so much Bernard you have helped me a lot!
-Shekib Aziz

Awesome guy, gave some really good advice about public speaking and how to be a great public speaker!
-Andrew Kang

Wow, he really IS like me! One thing I noticed right away about Bernard was his ability to empathize with my situation, which was my favorite takeaway and exactly what I needed to help me be more like the speaker that I want to be (for presentations, interviews, and others). I have many thanks for the tips he gave, and would definitely recommend him and will likely be coming back from time to time. It was well worth it!
-Michael Stanislawczyk


  Writing Consultation

Bernard, thank you for your masterful contribution to our Vision/Mission for EcoVillage Charlottesville! You got each of us to feel into the future and not only did you get material from us that was alive in us, you facilitated our hopes and dreams to come alive in us. Your questions led each of us to a deeper, clearer view of the future, we plan to create. Thank you so very much, we call our new Vision/Mission ‘the version inspired by Bernard’.”
-EcoVillage Charlottesville Board