"God's Hard Drive"

God has a file on his hard drive, that can never be replaced
It will never be repeated, it can never be erased, it will never be deleted
You, are the first, last and only version of person out everyone who was and is and is to come
Until Time and History’s done
You exist as One
No other file can replace and overwrite the existing one
Out of millions and billions of bytes there’s not a single duplicate
You exist, as a human bit, encrypted script on an exclusive disc
Written into your nucleus, DNA encoded, embedded
Woven, and threaded into three mpeg layers                                                                 
You’re a technology with qualities that no else shares
An ontology and biology impossible to compare
You and I are the last remaining rare
Back up of a back up of a back up and there’s no spare

Our mortal lives
Are stored on God’s portable drive
There’s not even room for two, this is a solitary solid state
There’s only room for you, no human will he ever consolidate
We are the CD-R and not the CD-RW, we cannot double you
If your data gets lost there’s no way for us to recover you
With tech or life support, nothing we do, can troubleshoot
And there’s absolutely nothing that God doesn’t do
But not even God himself will ever make another

You and me are U-nique, tuned, tweaked, zoomed to the peak of the frequency
It’s the reason we can lift your print with a forensic kit
Instruments that dust the lens for lint
Sniff your scent, because you are different, significant, intrinsic
Intricate, puzzle piece put into it, that was meant to fit
Intimate, genetic code means your fingerprint is a secret hint
Recombinant, combination of numbers in a string of sequences
One, zero, one, zero, one, zero,
The sum of people who are like you, One-Zero
Just because you are breathing you are pion-eering
Every line varying of your binary
You‘re proprietary property, nobody can copy you and nobody can copy me
The God in you, the God in me, everybody is a monopoly
A specific specimen, a special species of intellectual media
A genius genus, put into a protective sleeve and glove
And carried in a box
A Paradox, because although we’re protected from
We’re also created from the dust
And even though we never leave our covering sleeves
We can see God’s fingerprints all over us



My rap flow is like DiCaprio, Leonardo DiCapri
Man, If you Can you can run and try and Catch Me
But I don’t heist dollars like White Collar, though I’m clever, never steal like Neal Caffrey
Just because I’m a rapper that doesn’t mean that I have to have a rap sheet
And ain’t I never been in the pen, I’ll pick a pen if I want to write a rap sheet
And I’m just so off the cuff, that whenever on the cuffs they try and slap me
I evade the law like Tax Sea-son, but without bein in the back seats police cars like Taxis
Because I don’t run from the law, I just run my jaw, with vocab speak
I’m like an athlete who runs his last heat, in a track meet
Fast feet, starting pistol blast is only the time I pack heat

Wake up in the morning and do abs on the beach
While you slackers sleep I just lack the sleep
I don’t need no tea bag, I’m decaf, and in a decath I compete
I’m tryin to win a trophy while ya’ll are just atrophied
I’m rock hard like prefab concrete, you doin rehab on knees
Runnin laps on streets until my lungs collapse and cease
Combination of traction cleats and an elastic string, my calves is beast
So I can rhyme faster until I’m line backer beefed
A spine cracker, quarterback sacker if you quarterback happens to sneak

And the crowd of fans is loud man, talkin about a ten thous-and seat capacity
Clap from their seats when I forty yard dash, they hashtag and they tweet
To media mass elite, I brag they photo flash with the caption beneath
But they can’t even capture me or my action of speed that I move on this Astro T
I fly past, bypass you like Gastro B, like I was fueled on Gatorade mixed with Castrol G
TX, I’m better than your team, I don’t need ketamine to flex, strong arms I ain’t Lance Armstrong
I don’t have to go cheat, I just practice for weeks

Actually, I prepared to run this Marathon
Dope rhymes but not as Barry Bonds or Jones Marion who were both steroids on
Explode off the starting line like a cherry bomb
I’m a paragon carry the baton, under my arm like Bible or Arab Koran
I’m like teriyaki with tarragon
Before you put it on the meat because this pre- season’s tough
And I’m not easin up

Your dreams, your team, your Dream Team
Your whole league will get crushed
As I leave you in the dust
So go ahead and eat your Wheaties mush, breakfast of champions
But I eat people like you for breakfast while you eat my dust

"Pursuit of Passion"

Class of 2004 I hope that you enjoyed your time in Charlottesville
We started, now we're departin from the top of Carr's Hill
Right down the street from where you eat at Starr Hill Bar and Grille
And you know I've never kicked a rhyme that's been far from ill
So I'm here to speak to you in a rhyme one last time before we graduate
But even as moms, dads and grads celebrate and congratulate
This rhyme is meant to comment on what I see as the saddest state
Some of us have no love for what we do like a man who's never had date
But even if the task is great, every aspect of what we do should elate and fascinate
But the problem is, people are not passion-nate
We should be pulled like we were magnet weights and gravitate
Like 9.8 m/s squared
But some of us are defeated or we just don't care
So to the people who need it I'm here to be a breath of fresh air
Because your enthusiasm is curbin, you're losin your passion, it's a burden to be workin
You used to be concerned if your work looked good, now you don't care if it does
So when it comes to work, I'm like Black Eyed Peas askin "Where is the Love?"
And when I ask you, you just get embarrassed and shrug
"But aye, there's the rub"
Every time you feel your heart squeeze passion should pump through your arteries marrow and blood

You're supposed to love architecture
But your eyes are half way closed before they start the lecture
Even if you've got a sharp professor makin his smart conjectures
You're really not gonna care if it's not your heart's pleasure
You gotta have the same type of passion like you’re lookin for X marks the treasure
Mark my letters, mark my words, man mark my phrase
Without passion architecture is just archaic, archives of arches and architraves
You gotta have the same type of fire like an arsonist who plays with sparks that blaze
So I've come to fan the flame and fuel the fire
So that dread and drudgery will never overrule desire
And guess what there'll be days when you'll be tired
But with passion, at midnight you'll want to burn oil
And it won't be turmoil as soon as you learn toil is useless
Sayin I just gotta produce this, but like bad produce is, that's just fruitless
Remember the words of Confucius?
If not I use my talent to, come up here and challenge you
To pick a job you love and you'll never want to take a vacation out in Malibu
Or Aspen, so the question that I'm askin is what's happened to your Passion
Why's it not lastin, why's it like a fad trend, that ends
It's yesterday's news, it's just a has been
It seems we're all just trapped in a system where it's all about the checks gettin cashed in

And I'm not at all anti capitalist
The sole reason that I'm rappin this
Is because I want to ignite your catalyst
So I'm breakin it down like enzymes
Usin quotes within rhymes to cleanse your mind of drudgery and dingy grime

That's the sole reason that these lyrics were wrote
And as I peer into the future years of the periscope, I see that there is hope
Work doesn't have to be an uphill battle like a terraced slope
You can die with out any merits and croak, be extremely poor and perish broke
Take pay at a loss, and still not want a day off like Ferris, nope
With Passion I dare you to elope

Cuz you're gonna enter the workforce and they're gonna force you to work
And if you had your first choice you'd probably get a divorce from your work
So now I'm here to provide marriage counsel
Before you kiss the bride and I pronounce you
My advice is to pour out passion and every ounce of you
Because I'm down to my last lifetime, but maybe the rest of you all are only down to two
Maybe you found a few extra lifetimes just lyin around
And so you just picked them up and decided to start tryin them out
And you got eight or nine more times before you actually ly in the ground
Or maybe you're like that of a cat and you've got nine lives
So you don't mind workin mindlessly from nine to five

But you gotta start thinkin with your heart
Cuz like Linkin Park I "designed this rhyme", and I put rhymes in my designs
Because when I work I don't want it to be about nine to five
That said in mind, I don't want deadlines, I wantwork towards lines that are alive
So that passion and purpose are the push and drive that's behind my hard work
Matter of fact it shouldn't be hard work, it should be heartwork
But some of us need implants, man ask Rembrandt did he create works of art or was it just art-work
So when you job search listen to John Ruskin, put your fee second and start first
With enjoyment in employment

You gotta have a fire a flame fuel
Without that it's just aimless gruel, frustration like tryin to tame a mule
And if you can't get the school to change, you still got to change your school-of thought
And already if there aren't any bought
I'll pay a penny for your thoughts
Plus put in my own two cents
It'll be nothing but prudence that won't be too dense, just some new sense
Because to a lot of us work is just a nuisance
Just a way to pay the due rent
I'll give a dime if you ask and don't want my two scents
How people just work for time and half, but that's just a few pence
You can't just mindlessly draft, you gotta finely craft those blueprints
I'm talkin to you in this tent

Be in pursuit of pleasure purpose to be passionate
You gotta get after it "the pursuit of happiness"
Man I didn't say it Thomas Jefferson's the one who drafted it
So while you draft and sit, you gotta have the same type of a fire like the movie Backdraft was lit
So I come to make sure that a match is lit, and I'mma pour some more gas on it
So that your heart burns like you forgot to take Tagamet HB
So take it from me, HB, or should I say BH
When you go to work with your briefcase
You'll be early and you won't wanna be late
You'll work hard for a free rate with no rebates
Even if your boss is a straight up cheapskate

I'm not here to give you a few tips or quote cute quips
But I'm only here to speak the truth from my lips
To teach you how to have Passion, you know, like the movie flick
About the one who went to the crucifix, betrayed by Judas' kiss
The reason you eat the Eucharist and drink the juice you sip
Because if you let it, love for what you do can play elusive tricks like a fugitive
So for real you're zeal's got to be effusive kid
So I took the words of a Buddhist Confucius, and the life of a man who's Jewish
The same one from the Bible
So that your heart beats with passion like a drum recital
Passion like a man has for his bride yet it's got to be unbridled

So now I'm rhyme bustin the words of John Ruskin
About how love and work should be kin like a mom and husband
"When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece"
So now I leave you with these words that are neither last nor least
Don't work because you have to,  just do it because
Love what you do, and do what you love

"Peace, in so many words"

Yo, I'm a Christian, but I'm bringin peace like the word for Islam
I'm bringin peace like the “piece de resistance”
Like covalent I bond words, but my word is bond
I'm bringin peace like Shalom, that's Jewish like David, like David the Gnome
Who wears a hat that shaped like a cone
I'm bringin peace like Catholics end their services
“Peace be unto you, and also unto you,” from the pews
I'm bringin peace out like Hip Hop DJ's onone and two's, who run with crews
But these kind got peace signs, not gang signs and don't end up on the news

I speak my mind, with peace signs over top beats and rhymes
Speakin now or forever holdin my peace, so I can have peace of mind
Speakin my piece, givin you a piece of my mind
I'm bringin peace like Reese's, peace like the Prince of Peace is Jesus
You know, seek and you'll find
I got the rhyme, the truth and the lyrics, I'm bringin peace like one of the 9 fruits of the Spirit
I'm bringin peace that “passes all knowledge and understandin” of even your college campus
I'm bringin peace, like "peace and love man", like doves and olive branches
I'm bringin peace like there's a time for war, a time for peace Ecclesiastical
I'm bringin peace like you need to take it easy on sabbatical
I'm bringin peace like the opposite of vio-lence is like a vio-linist needs to practice a piece that's classical

I'm bringin peace that’s gonna last longer than it takes you to read the novel War and Peace
Or “peace like a river”, or like the shore of a beach
Or like “life is calling and how far would you go?” and join the Corps Peace or Green Peace
I'm bringin peace to those who wear hoodies by Peace Frogs
Or those who wear hoodies in the hood and say “Peace Dawg” on mean streets
That means I'm bringin peace from the subway to suburbia
I'm bringin peace like when neighbors gotta call the police, Peace Officer because you’redisturbin the
All because somebody couldn’t get a peaceful night’s sleep on their Serta
You know they was just tryin to get a little peace and quiet
So I'm bringin peace like the opposite of a riot
And now you got a citation and got to appear before a Justice of the Peace
I'm bringin peace because some people got “No Justice and No Peace”

And to the same who claimed they were disturbed in their suburbia pool
Need to know that the real definition of disturbin the peace is, Urban Renewal
Pickin up the pieces to your old church or your school
Tryin to piecemeal, they was just tryin to get a piece of the meal, you know, workin that mule
Because they never got there 40 acre piece of land, piece of pie
American Pie, American dream, finally “movin on up to the Eastside”
So I'm bringin peace like Nobel Peace Prize
I'm bringin peace because young black males think it’s cool to not be book smart but to be street wise
They need to eat this bread fed to the head instead of eatin these lies
But you know, they don't want to be fake or soft
So of a piece, I’m breakin you off

Because young black girls in the music videos are like a piece of meat and they just takin it off
I'm bringin peace, because young black males wanna carry a piece
Say "you want a piece of me?", and rest in peace and end up buried in the streets
To the delight of those wearin those white Aryan sheets
Because Hip Hop’s the op-posite of vegetarian it wants beef
Drive-bys, danger-ous, gangs bust heat, got more beef than angus meat from Five Guys
A destructive appetite,  went from Rapper's Delight
To shootin up, crack pipes, shootin, craps dice, shootin, gat fights
They don't know how to act right
To settle things, Hip Hop used to Pop and Lock and it was no biggie
Nowadays they pop glocks and the block is hot, and that's why we got no Biggie
And Tupac shot
They want to increase the murder
So I'm gonna bring the peace further
Because Hip Hop is hungry for beef like it needs a cheeseburger  
It wants more beef than a three topping, pepperoni, sausage and ham
Pie brought out by a pizza server
Plus salami and bacon
So I'm bringin peace like Islam “As-salam alaykum”

I'm bringin peace like “Peace Love and Hair Grease”
Or like long haired Hippies from Woodstock
So I’m bringin peace from Hippes to Hip Hop on every hood and block
To every bungalow and beach house
I speak from my mouth
Peace unto you, " As-salam alaykum”, Shalom
Peace Out


This is earthereal
Verses are lyrical
Some people research empirical, data
To find meaning to the matter
We all just want meaning and to matter

This is earthereal
Rebirth and spiritual
Some people seek in their church for the miracles
To find meanings to these matters
We all just want meaning and to matter

Lookin for a light and lantern
To get some insight and answers
Deep, this is not light banter
Because some things in a book you quite can't learn
Or in seminars, it's in the stars and satellites
A woman has a battle and fight with cancer, so she consults with Cancer
And Taurus for hope, checks out her Horoscope
Couldn't figure it out on the cellular level
So she spends $2.99 per minute on the cellular, to attract the Lord and ward off the devil
She knows The Secret laws of attraction, cause and reaction
And she wears rabbit paws as her fashion
She's into herbs and nature, Supernatural, Superstitious, Super religious
What other people see as crazy she sees as true to her convictions
Finds meaning in every circumstance
Leaves everything to the Universe and chance
Even like "should I wear a skirt or pants?", on a blind date
AndLove is blind, tryin to find love, a kind man amongst mankind, you know, a kind mate
Even more so than the average woman, everything always has a subtle meaning
Everything happens for a reason, there's always a double meaning
A combination of Psychology and Psychics
Astrology and Cosmopolitan advice tips
A since good man is hard to find
When she bumps into one at the supermarket line, it's a sign and the stars align
She grabs a horoscope off the shelf right above the conveyor belt
Rubs a crystal, signs the cross, and prays for help
She’s down to earth, you know, she's real earthy
Into Maya, Mother Gaya, and rebirthing
But she just wants to know that she’s worthy
Of romantic love, and love in general
Is she not deserving because she doesn't look for it in chemicals and integrals
She's got memories , hopes, disappointments, dreams and scars
She finds God in everything, she's looking for meaning in the stars

This is earthereal
Verses are lyrical
Some people research the material, matter
To find meaning to the matter
We all just want meaning and to matter

A Professor, A Naturalist, a Humanitarian
No time for family, he's preoccupied with his occupation at the planetarium
Studying solid and gases, vapors fogs up his glasses
Rises early,  home late from teachin his college classes
Knowledge is fascinating, captivating to his mind
And he can't fathom how some people could believe in phantoms and be so blind
He's a father with a son, but scoffs at ghosts and Holy Ghosts
He makes his boast in boosters and rocket ships
Secure in is post doctorate. P-H-D
Only concerned about the P-H in water, not kismet and hates religion
And would rather you take the PH you get in psychics and rearrange it until you get the P-H that's in Physics
Thinks science and religion have no business together
The universe is governed by laws, not by a God who controls the weather
And there's no laws of Secret attraction
Everything has an opposite and equal reactions
And when it comes to love, there's no opposites attract
It's all evolutionary behavior, he chalks it up to fact
The same can explain a car that's stoppin on impact
There's no eternal force, or external source called Fate
To bring you a tall date
It's all justvelocity and gravity's fall rate, the man in the car just stalled too late
The brakes in the car were fine, recently re-aligned
And when the stars align, they’re just following their natural orbit
That can be tracked with complete accuracy and coordinates
The Lord gets none of that accredited to him for accretion
As far as he's concerned, God rested all 7 days and the completion
Of the universe can be mapped in graphs and bars
He doesn't find God in anything, but he's looking for meaning in the stars\


She's not really sure what she believes in, faith or reason
But she knows there's a party goin on this evenin
She picks out what she'll wear, a hat, plus a pair of slacks
To go drinkin not thinkin about Paranormal, Parallel Universe or Parallax
She just knows she has to parallel park between two cars
Because the party tonight's gonna be out of this world @ Club Mars
It's lady's night, guys looking to get laid tonight
Hopin to get their world rocked like planets retrograde in flight
Make believe alcoholic potions help them study Heavenly bodies in motion
The pull of lust as strong as the moon’s tide to the ocean
And she doesn'tlike to be objectified as an object in motion
But she won't remain at rest, because she likes the attention
No drug prevention, ecstasy, and Ecstasy takes her to alternate dimensions
She spins around on the dance floor, until her body gets weary
And he's been waitin all night to prove his Big Bang Theory
He tells her that she's more beautiful than the stars they could sit under
That she's as pretty as the planets and he marvels and wonders
He wants to know more about the process that causes the planets to birth
We put a man on the moon, tryin to put a man on Mars, but can we even find a man on earth
Hand up her skirt, she flirts because she wants hear "the universe pales to your complexion."
Because she doesn't feel it when she stares in the mirror at her own reflection
So while astronauts board a shuttle, they board in the backseat of cars
They're not spiritual or intellectual, but they're looking for meaning in the bars

We're all just want to know who we are
If you're an Astrologer or an Astronomer, you're lookin for meaning in the stars
If you're lookin through a Telescope or lookin at a Horoscope, you're lookin for meaning in the stars
If you're lookin at the Logical or the Myth-ological, you're lookin for meaning in the stars
If you're lookin at the Supernova or the Super Natural, you're lookin for meaning in the stars
I f you're studying Physics or goin to see Psychics, you're lookin for meaning in the stars
If you're a Scientist or a Scientologist, you're lookin for meaning in the stars
If you're tryin to go to heaven orjust tryin to figure out how the heavens go
You're lookin for meaning in the stars


If you're solvin mathematical proofs or sayin I believe I don't need any proof
If you're tryinto figure outthe theory of everything, or you just happen to find God in everything
If you're researchin the data you're lookin for the meaning to the matter
If you flirt and tryin to date her, you're looking for meaning and to matter
If you lookn through the gaze of a crystal ball, or you're stumblin through the haze of alcohol
Ya'll we're all just trying to find the meaning of it all
If you're studyin the force of rocket thrust throttles, or you lust and got a diet pill bottle or triyn to be a thin model
We're all just lookin for themeaning to it all

If you research the molecular
Church or secular, doubt
If you flirt and you're checkin her out
We're all just tryin find the meaning to the matter
We all just want meaning and to matter